Chris Roe


Chris Roe

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As pastor of Stover First Baptist Church, it is my conviction and calling to preach and teach the Bible. It is also my conviction and calling to love and care for the people of this church. 

I have never said I was perfect, far from it, I am a sinner. But I do claim to believe that Jesus died for my sins, and by that faith I am declared innocent of my sins and anyone else can also have the same forgiveness. We do not believe that God saves based any merit or value we may possess, but He saves based on His grace and mercy. And for that, all can come to believe and be reborn to a new life, join with us in building God's kingdom here in Stover.

I will preach the whole counsel of God to the best of my ability. I will not compromise the gospel. I will listen to every person and give them the respect they deserve as all are created in the image of God.

Feel free to call or E-mail me. My door is open.